Parish Councils

Most Holy Trinity Parish Councils

The pastor is appointed by the Archbishop to be responsible for the overall welfare of all registered parishioners and those living within the parish territorial boundaries. The pastor collaborates with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council as the principal consultative groups of the parish. It is the responsibility of the pastor to oversee the implementation of the councils’ recommendations by the pastoral staff and parish groups. Parish employees are not eligible to be members of either council.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is the advisory group that assists the pastor in determining the overall mission of the parish. An essential aspect of this mission is evangelization. This means forming parishioners to reach out to all people in the community and inviting them to become active members of the parish. The Pastoral Council assists in developing the strategic plan of the parish.

The Pastoral Council membership has representatives from parish groups and the parish at-large. The pastor serves as president. Three people are selected by the Pastoral Council to serve as chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary.

Parish Finance Council

According to Church law, the pastor is responsible for the administration of all assets and liabilities belonging to the parish.

The Finance Council is the advisory group that assists the pastor in the proper administration of the finances and material assets of the parish.

The Finance Council of Most Holy Trinity Parish consists of four people in addition to the clergy assigned to the parish. The membership reflects a diversity of expertise to assist the pastor.