Our Mission


We are M.H.T. (Multicultural disciples of Christ, a Hardworking Catholic community of Talented scholars) committed to the service of others 


Most Holy Trinity Catholic School is dedicated to furthering the religious, academic, social and physical growth of the whole child.  Academic excellence, respect, responsibility, and the importance of racial and cultural diversity are taught and modeled.  

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.  As a staff, it is our goal to support them in the endeavors of modeling and living the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Our objective is to create a safe learning environment where all children will succeed.  

Core Beliefs:

  1. We believe that we see Christ in everyone, and we treat everyone with dignity.  
  2. We believe all of our students have God given talents that we appreciate, respect and nurture.  
  3. We believe in J.O.Y. This is an acronym for: Jesus is first, Others second and Yourself last.